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Never before has there been so much to discover visually as in our time. We are constantly exposed to stimuli from all sides and around the clock – from the first glance at our cell phone in the morning to the last page of the book we read in the evening. And this is also true for children. All these stimuli need to be processed. This is precisely why the development of children’s eyes is so close to our hearts. Only with healthy eyes can they discover all the wonders of life – professionally and privately – and find their place in the world. Being able to see well is the foundation of a healthy and fulfilling life. Therefore, do not neglect to pay special attention to the eyes of your little ones from the very beginning. We will be happy to help you with this.

Untersuchungen und Behandlungen beim Kinder-Augenarzt in Zürich

Did the pediatrician refer you to us after a U-examination? Or do you suspect that your child cannot see well? Or would you simply like to have your child’s eyesight checked as part of a thorough preventive check-up? In any of these cases, we are happy to assist you. From routine eye examinations, preferably before school enrollment, to corrective surgeries, we will guide your child on the path to the best possible vision. We are particularly strong in the following areas:

  • Vorsorge-Untersuchungen und Sehtests

  • Sehschule/Orthoptik und Amblyopie-Therapie

  • Operative Behandlung von Sehschwächen, insbesondere bei Strabismus (Schielen)

  • Zweitmeinungen, um Eltern mehr Sicherheit zu geben oder alternative Behandlungswege aufzuzeigen

  • Notfall-Konsultationen

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes P. Eisenack – Ihr Kinder-Ophthalmologe

Early eye development plays a critical role in vision as an adult. Undetected or untreated vision problems can mean a major reduction in quality of life later on and are much more difficult to correct. In infancy, on the other hand, there is a good chance of recovery and restoration of visual acuity. For this reason, Dr. Eisenack has dedicated himself entirely to ophthalmology for children. Continuous medical training, a lot of experience and know-how make him the right specialist for the correction of visual defects.

At our practice, we pay great attention to a very child-friendly atmosphere, so that the visit to the doctor is as stress-free as possible for the youngest patients. We take plenty of time for each child, sensitively addressing their needs and their parents’, because the appointment with the eye specialist should not be a nervous experience for children. We talk to our patients in a child-friendly manner and explain things to parents in detail; no questions or uncertainties remain unanswered. You and your child should feel comfortable and expertly cared for with us. Together we will find a solution that offers the greatest success for the visual development of the youngest.