This can go to the eye – When playing wildly or as a side effect of an infection, changes can quickly occur in one or both eyes. Especially in the summer months, accidents involving the eyes occur more frequently. Since the eyes are particularly sensitive, even harmless injuries can lead to discomfort.

It is often not easy for parents to decide what the level of urgency is and whether they should go to an eye doctor immediately. In case of doubt, we always recommend an ophthalmological consultation to be on the safe side and to avoid any subsequent damage. The pediatric ophthalmology practice led by Dr. Eisenack is available to assist you with emergencies in Zurich.

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Einen augenärztlichen Notfall erkennen

When is it an emergency that requires immediate medical attention? We recommend visiting an emergency ophthalmology office in the following situations:

  • bei Verletzungen am Auge durch Fremdkörper, Trauma, Verätzung oder Verbrennung

  • bei einem plötzlichen Verlust oder einer starken Verschlechterung des Sehvermögens auf einem oder beiden Augen

  • wenn Sehstörungen auftreten wie Blitze, Nebel, Russregen oder schwarze Mücken

  • mit erhöhtem Augendruck, starken Schmerzen der Augen und ggf. Übelkeit

  • bei sehr roten, geschwollenen und entzündeten Augen

In the case of acute illnesses or injuries, rapid medical examination can make a decisive difference in the full preservation of vision. If in doubt, call us and we will let you know if you need to come in right away or if we will give you an appointment for the next regular consultation hours. The motto here is: Better to check too much than too little.

Richtig handeln im Notfall

There are several possible situations that are clearly classified as emergencies. In some circumstances, your actions may already be critical to your child’s eye health.

Verletzungen und Fremdkörper

Foreign bodies in the eye are one of the common emergencies in children. You can remove superficial foreign bodies with a clean cloth. If the foreign body is stuck or causes severe pain, you should leave the removal to the ophthalmologist. Trauma such as a blow to the eye should also be reviewed by an eye doctor. In the meantime, you can cover the eye, cool it if necessary and do not rub it under any circumstances. Especially in the case of open wounds, you must act immediately and visit an emergency ophthalmology practice to avoid severe inflammation or, in the worst case, loss of vision.


If your child’s eyes have come into contact with acids, alkalis, cleaning agents or other chemicals, the fastest possible action is required. Eye burns are very dangerous and are not always accompanied by pain. The affected eye must be rinsed immediately, ideally with cold, clear water or even a saline solution. Turn the head with the eye to be rinsed downward and let the water flow over the open eye. Afterwards, take your child to the ophthalmologist immediately.

For major injuries or stuck foreign bodies, we recommend immobilizing the eye until you arrive at the eye doctor’s clinic. Cover the eye carefully, ideally with sterile bandages from a first aid kit. Since both eyes move in parallel, the healthy eye should also be covered so that complete immobilization is possible.

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