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Practice Prof. Dr. med. Johannes P. Eisenack

Bellevue Eye Clinic

After several years in the best ophthalmology clinics at major university hospitals in Germany and Switzerland, Dr. Eisenack decided to open his own practice. He noticed that children benefit from being in a non-hospital setting and better establish a relationship with their care providers. This is the key to successful treatment in young patients. At the Bellevue Eye Clinic, eye specialists look forward to taking care of young patients with passion and according to all the rules of the medical art. Bright, open rooms, the most modern equipment and a highly motivated team are the best prerequisites for ideal ophthalmological care. And of course, the practice has a nice playing area where the children can have fun.

Good vision means quality of life! Did you know that correct vision must be learned? This already happens in early childhood. Only optimal visual development will ensure that your child can live without limitations in adulthood and that all doors are open when it comes to choosing a career.

Visual impairments in children are particularly difficult for laypersons to recognize: Because the child itself has no comparison or simply cannot yet express itself, it will not independently communicate a problem. Therefore, it is important that parents look very closely, know what to look for, and include eye care in regular preventive health checkups when appropriate. Make sure the world is open to your child – There’s too much to see and experience to miss out.


Your way to us

Contact and appointment

Would you like to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist for children in Zurich? Call us and we will give you an appointment at our pediatric clinic as soon as possible. If you have already received documents such as examination results from the pediatrician, please feel free to bring them with you.


We take a lot of time for the eye examination, taking into account your needs and those of your child. We use the most modern technology and a great deal of experience and expertise to make a diagnosis. Afterwards, we explain the facts in a way that is easy to understand and answer all your questions.


Depending on the diagnosis, we can recommend different treatment options. We will always recommend the least invasive treatment with the best chance of success in helping your child achieve greater or even complete vision.

Feel free to call us. We will arrange an appointment as soon as possible.CONTACT

Interesting facts

Your ophthalmologist for children - Prof. Dr. med. Johannes P. Eisenack

Precisely because early action is so important and much can be corrected in the first years of life, we have dedicated ourselves entirely to the smallest patients – This is where our passion lies. Eye examinations in children, babies or even newborns are significantly more complex than in adult patients: This is because children are often less able or can’t (yet) describe where the problem lies. In addition, it is important to respond equally to the child and the parents, so that everyone feels well cared for. With a lot of empathy, patience and heart – we are parents ourselves and know how you feel – we take care of our little patients. Our biggest goal is for parents and children to leave our practice feeling good and with the best vision possible.

We will be happy to arrange an appointment as soon as possible. Please call us.CONTACT

Services in the pediatric ophthalmology practice – Augenklinik Bellevue in Zurich

We are the right professionals when it comes to your child’s eyes. Whether you would like to have a normal check-up or if you come on the recommendation of your pediatrician because a U-examination has shown abnormalities, we are here for you. If you would like a second opinion, we will be happy to diagnose your child and suggest appropriate treatment options.

Has there been an accident and your child suddenly has problems with his eyes? Or does he have sudden eye pain? We are also available as an emergency practice and will look at child’s eyes immediately or give you quickly an appointment if it is not mandatory for your child to see an ophthalmologist right away. No matter what reason brings you to our practice, our ophthalmologist specialized in children is the right contact: Dr. Johannes Eisenack is active in both ophthalmology and eye surgery (ophthalmic surgery) and can accompany you and your child throughout the entire treatment and recovery process.