Die Klinik

When concentrated expertise meets a lot of heart and soul, that’s us – your Bellevue Eye Clinic in the heart of Zurich. In the bright and friendly, newly renovated premises, the whole team takes all the time needed to address the concerns of the small and adult patients.

We are aware of the concerns of parents when it comes to the health of their children and, with a great deal of empathy, child-friendly handling and transparent information. We create an atmosphere in which both can feel equally comfortable and do not have to be afraid.

Hochwertige Ausstattung in der Augenklinik Bellevue im Herzen von Zürich

In addition to a lot of patience during the eye examination, we use the latest technology in ophthalmic diagnostics to reliably detect disorders and treat them correctly. For our diagnostics, we use Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and the latest technology material. This allows non-invasive examination of the retina even in the smallest patients. For example, the ocular effects of diseases such as diabetes or hypertension can be detected in the eyes.

The visual field examination (perimetry) provides information about neuro-ophthalmological diseases and driving ability: this is also an important topic already for teenagers. Rely on the most modern equipment for diagnosis, led by an experienced team at the Bellevue Eye Clinic in the heart of Zurich. Afterwards, you and our experts will decide which of the possible therapy options is most promising and best for your child.

Our approach


Just give us a call if you have a referral from your pediatrician, or even an acute problem, or if you would like a routine checkup on your children. We will arrange an appointment as soon as possible. If you already have documentation or a diagnosis on hand, please bring all relevant information with you.


We make a clear diagnosis thanks to a detailed medical examination, modern equipment, up-to-date specialist knowledge and many years of experience in pediatric ophthalmology. This way you will quickly know if everything is fine or if there is a problem with the vision of your child. Of course, we will answer all your questions well and understandably.


After our diagnosis, we will show you suitable and promising therapy options so that you can make the best decision for your child. We then begin conservative or surgical therapy as soon as possible to support healthy visual development and improve vision problems.

Geschichte der Klinik und Augenklinik für Kinder

After an extensive career at the most prominent ophthalmological hospitals in Germany and Switzerland, Dr Johannes P. Eisenack has founded the Bellevue Eye Clinic. In children-friendly premises, he surrounded himself with the best professionals and the latest equipment, in order to offer timely appointments to young patients who can’t delay their treatment . This non-intimidating setting allows young patients to build a strong relationship with the team. This trust is key to a successful therapy.

The Bellevue Eye Clinic is the right address for comprehensive and competent treatment of childhood eye conditions – both conservative and surgical.