During the U-examinations, the pediatrician routinely looks at the eyes and gets an idea of your child’s vision. If this reveals discrepancies and a visual impairment is suspected, the child is referred to a specialist. But symptoms that are already recognizable to laypersons, such as squinting or eye tremor, can also lead parents to seek a second opinion. If visual impairment is detected at an early stage, it can often be treated well and with little invasive measures.

A competent second opinion from a renowned pediatric ophthalmologist like Dr. Johannes P. Eisenack provides clarity and gives the confidence to choose the best possible therapy. Thanks to modern medicine, we can influence visual development and significantly improve visual impairments even in childhood.

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Wie Sie eine Zweitmeinung einholen, wenn bei Ihrem Kind eine Sehschwäche vermutet wird

Contact and appointment

Either with a referral from your pediatrician or because you would like an eye exam for your toddler or child, feel free to contact our team for an appointment. If you have already received documentation from your treating doctor or a diagnosis has been made, we ask that you kindly bring all of the information with you.


Dr. Johannes P. Eisenack will look at your medical history and perform a comprehensive eye exam to assess the situation for himself and then make a diagnosis. This allows you to know what your child has and what can be done


Since many vision disorders have a greater chance of recovery, especially those treated during infancy, we will suggest immediate treatment to support your child’s vision and eye development. Depending on the diagnosis, this can range from simple eye patching therapy to surgery, depending on which treatment approach offers the best chance of improving/restoring vision and thus quality of life.

In den besten Händen beim Spezialisten

Dr. Johannes P. Eisenack is not only an experienced ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon, he is especially dedicated to treating the smallest patients. When parents hear from their pediatrician that there might be a visual impairment, or when their child shows eye problems, this often causes them great concern.

We would like to relieve you from these worries when you come to our practice. Using the latest equipment, regular training, a lot of experience and – most importantly – with a lot of empathy, we will investigate the problem and together find a solution that can help your child in the long term.

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